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ImprovedStableFrame. Reposity for World of Warcraft interface addon Improved Stable Frame. Displays all hunter pet stable slots on one page, instead of having a paged UI.

One comment to “New Pet Talents and “Portable Stable”” I would like more stable slots! I hope stables stay around though, nasty wait if you accidentally called the wrong pet and had to wait 30 mins before you could change. Keeping the regular stables would be nice for when I call the writing pet…it will happen i know it. Latest Hunter topics - World of Warcraft Forums BM hunter, is there such a thing as too much mastery? Help me decide what race to pick for Hunter (20). next page → Hati - NPC - World of Warcraft -

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Appearances are very important to mount collectors and the Battle for Azeroth alpha has made it easier to preview mount models in-game. When you Control + Click on a linked mount in chat in the BFA Alpha, an inspection window will open allowing you to zoom, rotate, and pan. \r Pet disappeared (STABLE MASTER) - Quality wow vanilla

With this change hunters will now be able to collect up to 55 different pets, with 50 in the stable and 5 in the active pet slots. In the comments to this news at the WHU , Arth made an apt ...

10 More Hunter Pet Stable Slots Added in Battle for… With so many new Hunter Pet Tames coming in Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has increased the size of the stable by 10 slots in the upcoming expansion. Hunters can have 65 pets in BFA! Thanks to Sarynotsorry from Petopia for this find Hunter Pet Stable Slots in Cataclysm Hunter Pets in Cataclysm We’re in the middle of converting the stables over to the new model.You must visit a stable master to change which are the active pets though. There are a lot of stable slots, so you can catch Spirit Beasts or rare spawns or whatever you want, even if you don’t think you will... Pet Taming Guide for Hunters - World of Warcraft Forums Call Pet Slots. Eventually you will gain the ability to have several pets available to be summoned, thoughStable Masters appear in most towns that are large enough to have an inn, and sometimes justLiaeatha... thanks so much for posting! I just returned to WoW this week, wanted to see the... Hunter Pet Stable Slots... | Forum

Well I’ve gotten a flood of support already for the “Need More Stable Slots!” SPCA contest/donation drive, thanks everyone!

Alts | Mend Pet - Part 5 So I thought I’d give a bit of an update. To be completely honest, I had a post all written up about what I’ve been doing since 3.0.2 hit, but I keep forgetting to insert the screenshots I want in it, and so it’s been sitting around waiting …

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