Missouri blue catfish slot limit

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Blues occur in big rivers and in the lower reaches of major tributaries. They prefer clearer, swifter water than other catfish, and are usually found over sand, gravel or rockFishing Tips and Facts: One of the strongest freshwater fish; blues are caught on bush hooks or trotlines as well as rod and reel.

Outdoors Forum Article - Catching Big River Cats - From ... In order to better manage blue catfish, which are very different in size, range and abundance from channel catfish, the Department of Conservation has enacted a separate creel limit, effective March 1, 2006, for blue catfish (five per day) from that of channel catfish, which will remain at 10 per day. Freshwater Creel & Size Limits | Louisiana Fishing ... Key MLL – Minimum Length Limit SL – Slot Limit Possession Limit is TWICE the daily creel limit unless otherwise stated.4 Freshwater Game Fish Black Bass (Largemouth & Spotted)1 Location Size Limit Daily Creel Limit All state waters EXCEPT as follows: None 10 daily Eagle Lake 16” MLL 10 daily Poverty Point Reservoir 15-19” protected SL2 8 daily No more than one over 19” total length ... Catfish And More: Missouri'™s '˜Double-Bite'™ "Jacomo Lake has the best catfishing in the Kansas City area," said Missouri Department of Conservation fisheries management supervisor Joseph Bonneau, "and there's excellent angling for other species as well, even in August. Anglers take some very nice channel catfish, and some blue cats are also caught on occasion." Orders of Rulemaking MREGISTER - Missouri Secretary of State

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A friend of mine said he heard the doc was going to put a slot limit on catfish at truman lake. I enjoy putting jugs out and then crappie fishing. I wondered if any of you guys have heard if they are going to do the slot thing, and what it will entail. Thanks john b. Blue catfish and blue tongue | Outdoors | buffaloreflex.com Biologists say the bigger blue catfish, from 5 to 20 pounds, about 24 inches to 36 inches in length, are over fished, and they want to require fishermen to release all blue or white catfish in that size range, keeping only one catfish larger than that, and a limit of 10 over-all. Missouri's favorite and most abundant fish is the catfish

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LENGTH LIMITS: A slot length limit is in effect for blue catfish on Milford Reservoir; all blue catfish between 25 inches and 40 inches long must be released, and the daily creel limit of five blue cats can only include one fish longer than 40 inches. The minimum length limit on blue catfish at Tuttle Creek Reservoir is now 35 inches. Blue Catfish Survey Is Hands-on - Kansas City infoZine Since the regulation change would allow anglers to keep 10 blue catfish, including one or two above the slot limit, anglers would still be able to harvest plenty of fish to eat. Bayless said that Truman Lake still has large numbers of small blue catfish and reproduction remains strong. MDC to Host Blue Catfish-management Open Houses | OutdoorHub

Fishing rates a blue-ribbon designation throughout the entire length of the river along Missouri's eastern border.According to MDC biologists, there should also be plenty of 5- to 8-pound catfish available. They encouraged anglers to harvest their limit of four channel catfish per day.

2019 Missouri Lakes Fishing Prospects Blue catfish have a tendency to inhabit open water, so fishing some distance from the shoreline with your bait several feet off the bottom may increase your odds. The mouths of coves, deep flats, and river channel breaks are prime areas. Note that a protected slot limit pertaining to blue catfish went into effect in 2014.