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Singapore anti-gambling ad turns into World Cup hot tip. “Selecting Germany injected a sense of realism in our messaging, since no one will bet on a potentially losing team,” a spokesman said. “At the end of the day, win or lose, the dangers of problem gambling, and the potential anxiety and pain that loved ones go through,... Singapore Anti Gambling Ad Turns Into World Cup Hot Tip Images for world cup singapore gambling ad All the latest film trailers, reviews and features Sa’ad Hussein leaves TBWA after moving to SG office earlier this year14 Jul 2014 .. The child character in Singapore's anti-gambling ad was mocked for .. the act, commenting on his Facebook page that the ad was "Bad timing. Germany’s early exit from World Cup vindicates Singapore’s ...

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2014-4-14 · The National Council on Problem Gambling will be making an anti-gambling marketing push during World Cup this year, and has appointed several agencies for the campaign. Singapore anti-gambling ad mum on where dad will bet next 2014-7-14 · SINGAPORE - Singapore tried its best to save an own goal on Monday by updating an anti-gambling ad that starred a despairing boy named Andy telling … All bets off in this anti-gambling ad - The Sunday Guardian

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Singapore anti-gambling ad turns into World Cup hot tip A man walks past a World Cup anti-gambling advertisement at a taxi stand in Singapore July 9, 2014. Singapore has scored an own goal with the World Cup anti-gambling ad which features a ...

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Singapore Anti-Gambling Council Loses Big On World Cup Ad Singapore Anti-Gambling Council Loses Big On World Cup Ad : The Two-Way The country's National Council on Problem Gambling has been airing a cautionary spot featuring a boy whose father wagers his ... Singapore anti-gambling ad backfires - A Singapore anti-gambling advert backfired after the football World Cup team it referred to - Germany - turned out to be the champions. The ad featured a boy called Andy complaining to friends ... Singapore puts new spin to mocked anti-gambling ad - CNBC After Germany trounced Brazil in the run up to the World Cup final, the child character from a Singapore anti-gambling ad became a worldwide object of ridicule for worrying about his father ...

OMG: 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' takes Singapore

Singapore Anti-Gambling Ad Becomes Center of Controversy An anti-gambling ad seen in Singapore became the center for a controversy over the past few days. Gamblers and World Cup fanatics attacked the advertisement, which showed a sad Singaporean boy complaining that his father had bet all his savings on Germany to win the World Cup. Singapore Anti-Gambling Ad Backfires Thanks to Germany