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Everything you need to know about insurance when playing blackjack. When to take insurance when playing blackjack (both online and at a casino).

Think about how the game goes when you take insurance. If the dealer doesn’t have a 10, you lose the bet and the game goes on, just the same as if you hadn’t taken insurance. If she has a 10, she turns over her hole card, revealing her blackjack, and pays your insurance bet. Blackjack Insurance – A Bad Bet | Blackjack Life How Insurance Bets Work. The opportunity for insurance wagers arise when the dealer draws a face-up ace; at this point, the dealer will go around the table and ask everybody if they want to take insurance. The insurance is in case the dealer receives a blackjack, and … SHOULD YOU ALWAYS INSURE A BLACKJACK? - Superior Casino Blog

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Blackjack Insurance by the Numbers - Gamblers' Bookcase If the dealer doesn t have a 10, you lose the bet and the game goes on, just the same as if you hadn t taken insurance. she has a 10, she turns over her hole card, revealing her blackjack, and pays your insurance bet. In either case, your taking or not taking insurance has zero influence on the basic game. Blackjack Insurance – A Bad Bet | Blackjack Life

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Yahoo! Blackjack - Never Take Insurance Never Take Insurance. One error I see made repeatedly is the taking of insurance.One of the most common misconceptions in the game is you should always insure a blackjack.However if you do not insure your blackjack, like you're supposed to, you will win more than one unit per hand in the... Blackjack Insurance You should never take it, ever. Statistically speaking, there are 9 cards that do not make Blackjack for the dealer, and only 4 cards that make Blackjack. The casino is paying out 8:4 (or 2:1) on a 9:4 event. You will lose money over time if you take insurance.

When you 'take the insurance', you bet on whether or not the dealer has a 10-value card on the hole when holding an Ace.. Even though it’s true that this side bet allows you to save your main hand in case the dealers actually finds a 10-value card, you also know what happens when they don’t: you lose the insurance and you still have the very same chances to also lose your main bet.

Blackjack Insurance: When You Should Take It. May 21, 2017 submitted by Ignition Casino. We’ve all been there before: You’re at the blackjack table, and the dealer’s up-card is an Ace. There’s a very good chance she already has 21. Don't Take Even Money on Your Blackjacks - Casino City Times This is the fair market value of your hand. If you can get more than $104 for your blackjack, you should sell it. If you can't, you're better off keeping it. When you take even money on your blackjack, financially it's the same as selling your hand back to the house for $100. How to Master Blackjack Insurance - USA Online Casino Let’s use an example to show how blackjack insurance would work. If you place a $4 bet and receive the hand 10-7 when you have your cards dealt to you, while the first card in the dealer’s hand is an ace, you can opt to take out blackjack insurance with the dealer so you don’t lose your money completely. Insurance In Blackjack -

In Blackjack, Taking Insurance Is Usually A Waste of Money. To simplify the math, say that in a year, you take $5 in insurance 1300 times. If the cards are distributed statistically, you'd win 400 of these bets, raking in 400 x $10 = $4000. But you'd lose 900 bets, giving up 900 x $5 = $4500. You'd …

Blackjack Insurance - Not a Good Bet - Casino Articles While blackjack insurance may look ... Many casinos will allow blackjack players to increase their bets rather than take insurance. You will stand to lose less by ... Blog: Should You Take Out Blackjack Insurance? Taking Blackjack Insurance Is For Novice Players Only. ... So far so good, you'd think that you should take insurance every time the dealer shows an ace. But wait! Blackjack Insurance - Should you take Insurance whilst ... Blackjack Insurance ... you play blackjack you have a number of options or decisions to make based on the run of cards, one such decision is whether or not to take ...